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SNOWNODE-292Fixed bug where it was impossible to log in with an OAuth token
SNOWNODE-221Fixed bug where priority was synced as urgency in connections between ServiceNow and Jira Server
EASE-7035Fixed bug with formatting errors in connections between ServiceNow and Jira Server
EASE-6506Fixed bug where the token was displayed as expired in a connection between ServiceNow and Jira Cloud
EASE-6286Fixed bug with comment sync
EXACOMP-981Fixed bug where expired licenses were shown as valid
EXACOMP-973Fixed bug with 2 Connect buttons appearing in the Entity Sync panel
EXACOMP-902Fixed bug with the message suggesting to refresh the page not showing
JIRANODE-3181Fixed bug where Sync Queue filter didn't work after Bulk Exalating multiple issues
EXACOMP-922Fixed bug with pop-up alignment when going to an error from the Connections tab
SNOWNODE-275Fixed bug where only one sync panel was displayed for entities synced through multiple connections
ZENDESK-301Fixed bug with the successful verification screen reappearing after refreshing a page
EXAEDIT-1182Fixed bug with the filter in Sync Queue working incorrectly
EXAEDIT-1186Fixed bug with license limitations showing incorrectly in Bulk Exalate