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In this release


EXE-801We updated the process of registering an Exalate instance. From now on, you will receive a verification link to your email. This simplifies the process of creating an Exalate admin account and improves security
ZENDESK-294Exalate can now mention a specific user who added an attachment

Bug fixes

ZENDESK-137Fixed bug where it was not possible to sync inline attachments
ZENDESK-291Fixed bug with comments not syncing for reopened issues
EXAEDIT-1168Fixed bug where it was not possible to verify admin access for Visual mode connections in Safari
EXACOMP-949Fixed bug with memory chunks being labeled incorrectly

UI updates

EXACOMP-913Added possibility to connect issues from the Entity Sync status tab

You can now save changes in a connection by pressing the following hotkeys:

	<li><kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>S</kbd> on Windows or Linux</li>
	<li><kbd>Cmd</kbd>+<kbd>S</kbd> on Mac</li>

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