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Improved performance, made various UI improvements, and fixed various bugs and .

In this release

SNOWNODE-235Fixed bug with priority not updated in customer cases
EXACOMP-687Updated links in Getting Started
SNOWNODE-230Improved performance by only polling entities that are already synced
EASE-5925Fixed bug with not working
EXACOMP-798Improved UI for Triggers in remote instance URL
JIRANODE-3092Editor mode is now unavailable for private connections
SNOWNODE-224Entity type is now required when adding triggers
EXACOMP-731Added link to Generate invitation for pending connections
EXACOMP-775Updated UI for 30-day trial button
EXACOMP-819Fixed bug where Exalate was shown as uninstalled if you input the incorrect destination instance URL
EXACOMP-800Added hints on how to work with errors
EXACOMP-801Updated user interface in the Initiate connection screen
EXACOMP-820Updated error message when you input the incorrect destination instance url
EXACOMP-784Fixed behaviour of Publish button for slower internet connection
EXACOMP-682Updated the look of Subscribe to Exalate screen
EXACOMP-809Changed style of the script editor
EASE-5917Fixed bug with Epic name not syncing properly
JCLOUD-1449Fixed bug with some comments shown as forever updated
EXACOMP-798Improved UI for Triggers in remote instance URL
ADNODE-230Improved app security
EXACOMP-708Added hints on how to create your first connection
EXACOMP-781Updated fonts in the Add trigger window