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  • JIRANODE-2978 — You can now sync up to 1000 entities with the trial license
  • SNOWNODE-227 — Upgraded framework
  • SNOWNODE-226 — Fixed sync bugs with Azure DevOps
  • EASE-5925 — Fixed bug with httpClient
  • EASE-5955 — Fixed problem when syncing links with the link from Jira to the catalog task
  • EASE-5939 — Fixed bug when it was not possible to create ServiceNow catalog tasks
  • ADNODE-228 — Improved security
  • EXACOMP-793 — Fixed bug with error message appearing when accessing the login screen
  • EXACOMP-785 — Added possibility to resolve all errors in a specific connection
  • EXACOMP-732 — Added API to check what onboarding messages are viewed for statistics
  • EXACOMP-773 — The Publish button is now Publish and Resolve when there are connection errors. It resolves existing errors with the connection
  • EXAEDIT-1005 — Fixed text inconsistency in the entity filters when creating a connection
  • EXACOMP-775 — Updated the 30-day trial license button
  • EXACOMP-776 — Improved performance
  • EXACOMP-655 — Now triggers can be created only after creating a connection