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In this release, we've added performance improvements for connection in visual mode, stability improvements for big instances, and bug fixes.

In this release

  • EXAEDIT-900 - Improved performance for visual connection creation, configuration, and publishing
  • EXACOMP-627 - Improved Exalate stability on big instances
  • JCLOUD-1386 - Added support for epic name synchronization as a text field in visual connection
  • EASE-4883 - Improved Service Desk Organizations field synchronization
  • JCLOUD-1403 - Added support for custom fields sync in Next-Gen projects 
  • EASE-4883 Fixed the problem with Organization field sync on Service Desk to work correctly
  • EXAEDIT-922 - Fixed the problem with options custom field recovery to work correctly
  • EXAEDIT-946 - Added information message if the visual connection loading time is bigger then expected
  • ZENDESK-201 - Fixed the comments sync to work correctly if the comment is updated
  • EXACOMP-609 - Improved user interface for script rules edit/save/cancel operations