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  • EXACOMP-511 - Add explanatory to the default sync rules
  • GITHUBNODE-72 - Improved repository synchronization. Now you can use issue.repository = replica.repository to send the repository name to the other side
  • GE-
  • the repositoryFullName 
  • EXAEDIT-839 - Fixed the problem with weird notifications icons within the pop-up screens 
  • EXAEDIT-777 - Removed Connect issues button from the connection edit menu 
  • EXAEDIT-851 - Fixed the error message spacing
  • EXAEDIT-860 - Fixed pending connections to display correct status on the connections list screen
  • EXACOMP-583 - Added possibility to filter errors by connection on the Errors page
  • EXACOMP-756 - User interface messages improvements
  • EXACOMP-595 - Improved attachments sync for cases when issues have hundreds of attachments
  • EXACOMP-568 - Improved error notification email content
  • EXACOMP-593 - Improved behavior and error handling for casedcases, when the connection has been removed from one side 
  • EXACOMP-601 - Renamed Exalate Administrators tab to Exalate Notifications
  • EXAEDIT-909 - Improved validation and error handling for syncing when required fields are not configured 
  • EXAEDIT-908 - Improved mapping error handling
  • EXAEDIT-771 - Improved Confirm button behvaior behavior on the connection setup

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