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  • Set an option value manually into the local custom field 

    issue.customFields."Multi Select Custom Field name".value = 
                    (issue.customFields."Multi Select Custom Field name".value ?: []) + 
                        nodeHelper.getOption(issue, "Multi Select Custom Field name", "MY STATIC OPTION")

  • add the value from the remote custom field Departments  into the local custom field Sub-divisions

    leave an empty field in case there's no option, received from the remote side

    issue.customFields."Sub-divisions".value = replica.customFields."Departments"?.value

  • Set a default option in case there's no value received from the remote side 

    You need to ensure that the value is an array of options.

    issue.customFields."Hobby".value = replica.customFields."Interest"?.value ?: ["Running"]

  • Map options in a select list

    def hobbyMap = ["Football": "Sports", "Baseball": "Basketball"]
    def remoteHobbies = replica.customFields."Hobby"?.value?.value
    issue.customFields."Hobby".value = remoteHobb	iesremoteHobbies.collect{hobbyMap[it] ?: it}