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Advanced synchronization scripts usually contain a huge number of code lines. Storing these scripts in the Sync Rules make it hard to maintain.


titleExternal scripts library location

Jira Server: $JIRA_HOME/scripts

Jira Cloud: opt/jcloudnode/data/scripts

HP ALM/QC: opt/hpqcnode/data/scripts


It allows making changes to your Exalate configuration easier and version scripts whenever you need it. You can reuse can share/copy the Sync Rules between Create and Change Processors. E.g: create a separate file with the incoming sync rules and call it from both the Create Processor and Change Processor. Or share/copy the scripts between different Connections.

To get  autocompletion get autocompletion for all the variables available in the script and the Jira API (such as com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor), configure the IDE to use shared Maven configuration repository.  This helps to improve your scripting experience with Exalate. You can also version your scripts with any major change using version control systems.