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  • SFORNODE-171 Added a possibility to leave empty queries for the Trigger
  • EXACOMP-1748 Added logic for checking Source and Destination side short names in Visual Connection
  • EXACOMP-1754 General settings can now validate that URL is missing the HTTPS part

Bug Fixes:

  • SFORNODE-201 Fixed the logout issue in Exalate inside Salesforce 
  • SFORNODE-252 Fixed the List of entities in Entity sync status
  • SFORNODE-254 Fixed the spinning issue in the Triggers tab
  • SFORNODE-255 Fixed the Bad sync status request in the Exalate modal window
  • SFORNODE-270 Fixed the issue with the filename extensions not being set
  • SFORNODE-274 Fixed the attachment sync
  • SFORNODE-276 Fixed the "Too many DML statements" error on the Sync panel
  • SFORNODE-280 Fixed the issue where Exalate wasn't showing that the Case was synced in Connections → Actions