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if ( == "Assigned to supplier" && != "Open" ) {
  // issue is assigned to supplier, so it should be opened
  workflowHelper.transition(issue, "autoopen")
} else if ( == "Quoted" && != "Quoted" ) {
  // issue has been quoted on the remote side, so it needs to be moved into status quoted here also
  workflowHelper.transition(issue, "autoquote")
} else if ( != "Assigned to supplier") {
  if ( == "NULL") {"Transitioning using 'autopending'")
      workflowHelper.transition(issue, "autopending") 
  } else {"Transitioning using 'autoresolve'")
      workflowHelper.transition(issue, "autoresolve") 


  • Ensure that the transition has no screens, validators and conditions enabled
  • Hide the transition for other users than the proxy users - check How to hide transitions from users.
  • The transition will only be triggered if it exists in the status of the local issue 
  • No error is raised if the transition doesn't exist, or fails to execute
  • the transition is applied once that all other issue changes have been applied.  So it doesn't matter where the workflowHelper.transition is called.



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