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This article describes how to write a script rule in Exalate visual mode.


Script rules can be used when the standard mapping rules are not sufficient to cover the use case.
Creating a script rule is straightforward.

  • Edit your visual connection
  • Select the rules
  • Select the 'add script'

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How does it work

The scripts are groovy based - meaning that all groovy structures can be used to define the behaviour of the mapping.

For instance  - if a mapping is needed between the assignees of side with instance name 'left', and side with instance name 'right'.
Following code snippet will implement the mapping

// define the mapping

def leftToRightAssignee = [
    // left Assignee ---> right Assignee
    "" : "",
    "" : "",

// look up the corresponding email, default to
def targetUserEmail = leftToRightAssignee[left.issue.assignee?.email] ?: ""

// assign to right issue

right.issue.assignee = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(targetUserEmail)


Below you can find examples of the most common field types that are usually synchronized