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Use this helper method in the Incoming sync to update the source issue once the synchronization to the destination side is finished.

Introduced in4.6.5

Using the feature


  • you have 2 instances 'Internal' and 'External'. 
  • You raise an issue on 'Internal', and exalate it to 'External'
  • You need to have a custom field on Internal contain the remote key of the issue created on External

What needs to happen is

  • Once that the issue is created on external, a message is sent back to internal containing the key of the created issue
  • The syncHelper.syncBackAfterProcessing() will trigger this message as it will queue a sync event which is handled as if the issue on external has been changed
  • The processing of this sync event is identical to any other sync event

What you need to configure

On the destination side (external) in the incoming sync processor

// trigger a sync back to the internal instance

On the source side (internal) in the incoming sync processor

// update the custom field 'remote issue key'  with the  key of the newly created issue
issue.customFields."remote issue key".value = replica.key

Using nodeHelper.syncBackAfterProcessing() outside the firstSync if block might cause infinite loops.

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