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mergeComments(IHubIssue issue, IHubIssue replica)

Add all the new comments of the replica to the issue comments and prepend the author name to them.

Remove all the removed comments of the replica from the issue comments.

Edit all the existing issue comments that have been changed on the replica and prepend the author name to them.

Introduced in0.10

Example use

This method is merging the issue comments and replica comments so that all added replica comments are added to the issue comments, all deleted replica comments are removed from the issue comments and the comments which have been updated on the replica are updated on the issue using a comment format.

<>  commented: 
 issue.comments = commentHelper.mergeComments(issue, replica)


The helper method is provided to simplify the synchronization of comments so that the local issue comments represents the complete comment history, highlighting the remote comments by formatting the content.

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