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This article describes how to start ticket synchronization with the help of a trigger.

  • To start issue synchronization you should create a trigger.
  • To synchronize existing issues in-between within two instances use Bulk Connect.

How to create a trigger?

To configure the trigger, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Connections tab in the Exalate admin menu and select the connection to edit

2. Create trigger

3. Select what entity you would like to synchronize

4. Specify the search query in the If field 

Use the Zendesk search syntax to specify the filter query. Below you can see an example

Zendesk search: sync issues of type ticket with status open
type:ticket status:open

Sync tickets with ticket type INCIDENT and priority Urgent
type:ticket ticket_type:incident priority:urgent

Toggle to activate the trigger. In case the toggle is disabled, the trigger won't work.

4. Add trigger

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