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This article shows how to synchronize versions using External scripts library.

This method relies on the Jira Server API, which allows to synchronize version-related fields such as start date, release date, and description.

It's different from the basic versions synchronization which relies on nodeHelper.createVersion.


1. Create the file from the Exalate public repository

We store external scripts for Jira Server in a public repository.  Copy the code from the repositories below and create .groovy files. You must keep the file names as below.

2. Upload the file with the external script

You need to upload the .groovy file into the scripts directory

External scripts library location

Jira Server: $JIRA_HOME/scripts

2. Call the script from the Sync Rules

Once all external .groovy files have been uploaded to the proper directory, you need to call the script from the Sync Rules. 

Every .groovy file includes comments with a detailed explanation on how to use it. Please check the file comments.

Source side

Outgoing sync


In case you want Exalate to trigger the synchronization for version-related fields events like the update of the version start/release date or description.


Destination side 

Incoming sync


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