This article describes what will happen with the upgrade to the Exalate 4.x.

In 4.0 version we've introduced Connection and Invitation concept that includes changes to the User Interface.

The configuration is simplified now. What we used to call Instances and Relations is now merged into Connections.

The Connection includes information from the Instance and a Relation, based on that Instance.


Every Relation will be transformed into a Connection, using the Relation name as Connection name.

Upgrade removes the Instances, which don't include any Relations. To recover the removed Instance,  you need to create a new Connection.

Exalate subscription-based license users

Due to the different interpretation of connections in exalate, some of the environments based on the Exalate subscription might get into problems

  Before upgrade: 

  3 Instances with "WE_PAY" payment model. The number of Relations using those Instances is not limited.

  After upgrade: 

  Every Relation will be considered as a separate Connections. The subscription will be Connections based. 

  If you have more than one Relation for the Instance you will get the following message:

Too many assigned connections
Too many connections are using the connection-based license: 6 of 3 connections currently in use.
Please update your subscription or review license usage for your connections.
You can remove license usage for all the connections by clicking: Clean all connection license usage.

Please contact 
support@exalate.com to get an extended subscription key to cover all existing Connections.