You are using subscription-based license model. After the upgrade to the 4.x version you've got an error:

Too many connections are using the connection-based license: 6 of 3 connections currently in use.
Please update your subscription or review license usage for your connections.
You can remove license usage for all the connections by clicking: Clean all connection license usage.



With the release of 4.0.0 version, we've introduced Connections. Every Relation is transformed into a separate Connection.

You have multiple connections with the same Destination instance. The subscription license you are using is based on the number of your subscription connections.


It is a known issue which has been fixed in 4.0.8 version. Please update the Exalate app to the latest version.

In case the error still remains, please do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Connections
  2. Edit the Connection, which uses the same Destination Instance as another Connection
  3. Update Connection

The error should be fixed with the Connection update.

Upgrade to Exalate 4.x