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This article explains details about the synchronization of worklogs if Jira Cloud side uses Tempo Timesheets add-on.


The synced worklogs are not displaying correctly under Activity → Work Log tab on the remote issue. 

Only worklogs added via Tempo Timesheets interface are displayed under this tab.

Caused by

One instance has Tempo Timesheets set as a time tracking provider in JIRA, and the other instance uses default JIRA time tracking functionality.

Tempo timesheets add-on renders only worklogs that have been created via the Tempo interface. Exalate doesn't have an integration with Tempo Timesheets add-on out of the box, therefore by default Exalate syncs worklogs using default JIRA time tracking functionality.  

When the time tracking provider is set to Tempo Timesheets on Jira Cloud, the Activity - Work Log tab will not display worklogs that were added using default JIRA time tracking functionality.


Use Exalate external script TempoWorkLogSync.groovy to sync worklogs.  For more details check the tempo worklogs synchronization guide.