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On the Sync panel, you can check the status of an issue, which is under synchronization. You can also find a remote issue link in there if it's available.

Sync status issue panel

The Sync Status panel is located on the right sidebar of the issue or work item view.

You can limit the visibility of the sync panel for Jira Cloud in the General Settings tab. If Show sync panel only for admin users is turned on, the Sync Status panel is shown only to admin users.

It provides information about the connection and the current sync status.

You can display the remote issue link in the sync panel block. 

Below you can see how the sync panel looks on different platforms.

Jira on-premise

Jira Cloud

Azure DevOps 


You can limit the visibility of the sync panel for Zendesk in the Setup → Apps and integrations → Exalate → Enable role restrictions.

Sync statuses




In progressThe synchronization is happening at the moment.

SynchronizedThe issue has been successfully synchronized.

Under clean-upThe issue is queued for clean up to stop the synchronization and remove sync data on both sides.

ErrorThere is an error blocking the synchronization. You need to resolve an error to resume and retry the synchronization.

Remote issue removedThe issue on the other side has been removed.

Remote issue link on the sync panel

To configure the remote issue link display navigate to Connections - edit connection - Sync Rules tab - Advanced and select Sync panel link option. Then Update connection to save changes.