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This article shows how to synchronize a Cascading Select (multi-select) custom field to a Text custom field.

To set a value on the custom field you need to know the type of the custom field value. Each value type has different properties and fields that can be used during synchronization.

The value in the cascading select custom field is of type cascading and consists of two dependent options: parent value and child value.

For example, you have a custom field called Cascading Select (multi-select) to the custom field Cascading field details (text field). 

Sending side

Outgoing sync

Include the custom field with name 'Cascading select' in the replica sent to the other side

replica.customFields."Cascading select" = issue.customFields."Cascading select"

Receiving side  

Receive Cascading Select field values and display them in the text custom field:

Incoming sync

replica.customFields."Cascading select".value is an object of type Cascading Select List. It contains parent value and child value of the cascading select list field

issue.customFields."Cascading field details".value is a text type custom field, which includes string value

issue.customFields."Cascading field details".value  = replica.customFields."Cascading select"?.value?.parent?.value +
          ", " +  replica.customFields."Cascading select"?.value?.child?.value