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Sync Transaction Prioritization is a new feature implemented in Exalate for Jira on-premise version 5.3.0, which helps process the sync queue more effectively.

How it works

The prioritization scheme used in the algorithm is such that the individual updates get priority above the massive change update.

Transaction Processing Ordering Rules 

  • Only transactions that are ready to be processed (transactions blocked by errors and transactions waiting for remote are not processed) are taken into account
  • Cleanup transactions are preferred over all the rest of the transactions
  • If a low priority transaction is followed (in sequence) by a high priority transaction, then it is treated as a high priority too. In other words, its effective priority is equal to the highest priority in sequence.

What is the use case for this feature?

Given some users are doing a massive change update syncing 1000’s issues.

Other users are making updates to issues under sync.

The problem is now that these individual updates need to have all massive change updates processed before the individual update can get processed. This is the problem that is solved by Sync Transaction Prioritization.

How to start using the feature?

The Sync Transaction prioritization feature is included in the most recent Exalate for Jira on-premise version. 

To start using it you have to update Exalate version 5.3.0

To make sure that the Sync Transaction Prioritization works properly, the latest version of Exalate should be installed on both sides.

Is there a way to control the prioritization? 

Currently, the prioritization can’t be managed manually but we are planning to develop the feature in future releases.

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