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This article shows how to synchronize sub-task on Jira Server using External scripts library.

When syncing sub-task it's important to keep the parent-child relation.  Exalate external script SubTask.groovy allows to sync sub-tasks even if the parent task is not synced yet.

If you are sure that the parent issue is synced before sub-tasks we recommend to use a simpler configuration that works for both Jira Server and Jira Cloud.


Let's consider you already have the Connection configured between two JIRA Instances.

Now you need to configure sub-task synchronization: 

Jira Server

  1. Create files from the Exalate public repository

    We store external scripts for Jira Server in a public repository.  Copy the code from the repositories below and create .groovy files. You must keep the file names as below.

  2. Upload the files to the $JIRA_HOME/scripts directory

  3. Configure Sync Rules with the scripts provided below:

    Add the snippets below to the end of the Sync Rules.

Source side

Outgoing sync


Destination side 

Add the code to a new line at the bottom of the incoming sync rules block.

Incoming sync


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