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To be able to develop advanced synchronization scripts you require a development background and a good understanding of Groovy and the entities of the underlying issue tracker and Exalate itself. 

In case of need, we can provide training and professional services to deliver the solution you're looking for.  Please contact for more information.


This page shows how to synchronize issue statuses in Jira Cloud when you need to perform multiple transitions in a single synchronization request.

Jira requires status update by progressing an issue through different workflow steps. You can configure status mapping with the help of and advanced groovy scripting.

Exalate can find the shortest path to the appropriate status automatically, based on the mapping, specified in the Sync Rules. When you need to perform multiple transitions to get the correct status you will need to configure some additional parameters.


Let's consider you already have the Connection configured between the Instances.

Now you need to configure status synchronization using by adding the scripts provided below to the Sync Rules:

Add the snippets below to the new line in the end of the existing scripts.

Source side

Outgoing sync

replica.status = issue.status

Destination side

Incoming sync

If statuses are the same on both sides, use this code:


If the statuses are different, use this code with your status mapping
	["Done": "Resolved", "In Progress": "In Action"]

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