To set up a synchronization you will obviously need 2 JIRAs and in each JIRA at least a single project with issues which will be kept in sync.  

Let's call these 2 instances respectively Left and Right. 

In this getting started guide we will configure the environment such that issues on the left instance can be escalated to the right instance.  Once 'exalated', issues will be kept in sync, bi-directionally. All field changes will be updated on both sites and status changes will be passed through; comments, attachments, worklogs, ... added on both ends will automatically be synchronised.

In the configuration section, you can find more details about how to configure your particular synchronization behavior.


  • Two JIRA Server instances which need to be synchronized.
  • Both instances must be able to connect to the other side (using http and/or https) to be able to exchange information.
  • On either side the name, key of a JIRA Project and an issue type to synchronize.

Overview of the steps to setup the connection

  1. Install the exalate add-on on both JIRAs and configure general settings
  2. Describe the right side from left and vise versa
  3. Define a simple JIRA-to-JIRA relation
  4. Run your first synchronization



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