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You can install Exalate for ServiceNow with a .xml File.

In ServiceNow, these files are called update sets.

To configure Exalate in your ServiceNow instance:

1. Download the update set.

You can download the Exalate update package here:

Download exalate_update_package.xml

2. Go to System Update Sets →  Retrieved Update Sets.

3. Click Import Update Set from XML under the Related Links.

4. Upload the downloaded xml file.

To upload the file:

  1. Choose the file from your computer.
  2. Press Upload.

5. Open the Exalate update set and select Preview Update Set.

In some cases, you could encounter the following error during the preview:

Found a local update that is newer than this one

To finish the installation, navigate to Update Set Preview ProblemsAccept remote update.

6. Press Commit Update Set.

The Exalate bridge is now available.  Make sure to add the role x_idnv_exa_bridge.admin to your user to access the functions

What's next?

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