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This article describes how to set up the Exalate application on the Salesforce instance. The information is relevant for the Early Access program.

To set up Exalate:

1. Access the Salesforce instance and click Setup

2. Go to Apps → App manager, and click New Connected App

3. Fill in the Basic Information section

4. Set up API 

To set up API:

  • Enable OAuth settings  (on the same page)

  • Specify callback URL -  use the following URL for the Early Access
  • Define OAuth scopes

    Exalate for Salesforce requires the following OAuth scopes:

    Access and manage your data (api)
    2. Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)

5. Hit "Save" at the top of the page

Changes can take up to 10 minutes to take effect.

6. Check the OAuth policies of the app

  • Access Apps → Connected Apps → Manage connected apps
  • Access the Exalate connected app
  • Make sure that 'Permitted users' is set to 'All users may self-authorize'

  • In case it differs - click Edit Policies and change it in the subsequent form

The next steps will be focused on getting the information from your Salesforce account required to request an evaluation instance of Exalate for Salesforce. 

You will need to get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

1. Go to Apps → App Manager and find the app in the list  of available apps

2. Click the little arrow and select View

3. Copy Consumer Key and Consumer secret values

The values are required to set up Exalate further.

All the information required for the Exalate configuration is gathered now.

Next step

Now when the app is set up you can Request an evaluation instance of Exalate for Salesforce

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