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The Exalate app provides an integration with the ServiceNow issue tracker. You can synchronize ServiceNow incidents with Jira issues.  

The Exalate app for Servicenow is responsible for translating Servicenow based information to a common issue format and the other way around.

Below you can see how the Exalate app for Servicenow interacts with Servicenow instance and Jira with the Exalate app installed.

ServiceNow to Jira integration 

You can exchange the following data between the Servicenow incident and Jira issue

  • short summary ↔ summary
  • description ↔ description
  • urgency ↔ priority
  • state ↔ status
  • caller ↔ reporter
  • comments ↔ comments
  • attachments ↔ attachments
  • tags ↔ labels
  • custom fields ↔ custom fields

Configuration steps overview

  1. Configure the Exalate app for ServiceNow
  2. Install the Exalate app on JIRA Instance
  3. Set up Connection between the Exalate app for Servicenow and Exalate for Jira
  4. Synchronize Servicenow incidents to Jira issues and the way around.

Check the getting started guide to configure the Exalate for ServiceNow.

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