Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

This page shows how to synchronize incidents state from Servicenow to Jira.

To sync statuses configure the mapping between incident states and Jira issue statuses.

Source side

Outgoing sync

Send local status to the remote side

replica.status = issue.status 

Incoming sync

Set the local status based on the received status value from the remote side.

def statusMapping = [

       // Jira issue status <-> SNOW incident state
         “To Do” : “New”,
         “In Progress” : “In Progres”,
         “Done” : “Canceled”
def defaultStatus = “New”
def statusName    = statusMapping[replica.status?.name] ?: defaultStatus // set default status in case the proper status could not be found = statusName

In case the incident status has a required field the status sync require additional configuration. Please contact support for more details.