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Once that you have configured the connection on both sides. You can start to synchronize the issues.

On the left instance, create an issue in a normal way, and access it.  Exalate this issue using the 'Exalate' button under the 'Exalate' section.


You will see the dialog pop-up on which you need to choose the connection you want to synchronize with:


Select the connection and click Submit button to proceed. Shortly you will see the Sync Status panel inside the 'Exalate' section, that will describe the current sync state.

Soon, if the exalate was configured right, you will see that the issue was synchronized. 

Let's check the issue on the right side to ensure that synchronization performs as defined in the connection sync rules.

Next Steps

In the configuration section, you can find more details about how to configure your particular synchronization behavior.

Check some typical use cases.