Heads up about using Exalate to do migrations

Exalate is a synchronization solution, and therefore it can be used to copy data from one system to another - a typical migration functionality.
When considering using Exalate as a solution for your migration, take into account

  • The transport and replication layer of Exalate is optimized for synchronization, and not for migration.  
    The consequence is that it will take much longer to transfer the data than a plain project import/export

  • Configurations are not migrated.
    To copy the configuration of your projects revert to other tools

  • Project customizations require custom synchronization rules
    No project configuration is alike.  Unless you are using a standard configuration of the underlying tracker (Jira, HP QC), 
    you will have to reserve time to develop and validate the synchronization rules.  
    We advise developing this capability in a staging environment.  


Supporting your migration effort

We are happy to provide you professional services to implement your migration.  Please contact sales@exalate.com for a custom quote.

Migration Scenarios