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Exalate is available for different work management systems.

Synchronizing is unlimited between any of these platforms as long as Exalate is installed on each instance. Each instance requires a valid license to synchronize.

Available license types

Exalate provides three licenses types:

Evaluation license

You can test Exalate with a limited free 30-day evaluation license, which can be extended at your request. With the evaluation license, you can synchronize up to 1000 issues per each evaluation period. After the evaluation period is over,

If you use Exalate for Jira on-premise, you can extend the evaluation period twice through the marketplace (up to 90 days).

Free plan license

With the Free plan license, you can sync up to 1000 entities per month with Basic connections. Visual and Script connections are not available.

In case all the 1000 syncs have been used in less than a month, the next 1000 syncs will become available next month.

The Free plan license becomes available automatically after the Evaluation license is expired.

In Jira Cloud, you need to unsubscribe from the Evaluation license manually, to use the Free plan license. For more information, check out How to switch to a Free plan license in Exalate for Jira Cloud.

Paid license

With the Paid license, you can synchronize  an unlimited number of issues. Pricing depends on the platforms where Exalate is installed. Each instance requires a valid license to synchronize.

We provide a limited free 30-day evaluation license, to be extended on request.


Jira Cloud

Jira on-premise (Server and Data Center)

Check the prices in the Atlassian marketplace.


GitHub Cloud


billed annually, $1140/year

Azure DevOps


billed annually, $3540/year




billed annually, $9900/year

License plans comparison

Here is a short comparison between available license types:

License typeEvaluationFree planPaid
PriceFree (available for 30 days)FreeBased on the platform. Check Paid license pricing for more details
Connection typesBasic, Visual, and ScriptBasicBasic, Visual, and Script
Entities per month10001000Unlimited









How to get an Exalate license?

You can get an Exalate license by choosing one of the options listed below:

  1. Try Exalate for FREE or book a demo at our official website
  2. Look up Exalate at the Atlassian Marketplace 
  3. Reach out for a quote to us directly
  4. Reach out for a quote to Our Partners
  5. If you are already using a free trial license, you can purchase a paid license via License Details tab in the Exalate console. Check out How to get an Exalate instance license.