Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA SERVER on Aug 01, 2019

In this release, we've added Jira 8.3 compatibility and some bug fixes.

In this release

  • JIRANODE-2702 - Added compatibility with Jira 8.3
  • JIRANODE-2077 - Fixed synchronization of the labels custom field to work correctly
  • JIRANODE-2596 - Fixed Clean-up tools 
  • JIRANODE-2623 - Fixed the error with uni-directional synchronization of attachments 
  • JIRANODE-2687 - Fixed the error with links synchronization
  • JIRANODE-2700 - Fixed parentId empty in SubTaskSync synchronization  
  • JIRANODE-2706 - Fixed the error with attachment synchronization
  • JIRANODE-2681 - Fixed under_sync() JQL query to work correctly