Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA SERVER on Aug 28, 2018

 In this release, we've fixed compatibility with JIRA 7.11.2, introduced under_sync_connection JQL function and improved error messages and logging.

Fixes in this release


  • JIRANODE-2320 - Fixed compatibility problems with JIRA 7.11.2
  • JIRANODE-2317 - Fixed outgoing sync got stuck without any errors
  • JIRANODE-2169 - Introduced under_sync_connection JQL function
  • JIRANODE-2178 - Fixed single project template to validate the issuetype when syncing between service desk and software projects
  • JIRANODE-2180 - Improved logging for getUserByUsername nodeHelper method
  • JIRANODE-2257 - Fixed Connection gets deactivated when an error occurs during a cleanup
  • JIRANODE-2264 - Fixed lozenge not showing cleanup status on the sync panel
  • JIRANODE-2294 - Improved error message for priority sync issues