Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA SERVER on Aug 08, 2018

 In this release, we've added improvements of the default outgoing sync scrips, error descriptions to be more specific and optimized the installation file size. We've also included some bug fixes.

Fixes in this release

  • JIRANODE-2250 - Fixed local connection is not detected when creating from the irrelevant template
  • JIRANODE-2272 - Fixed invitation code to display correctly in Firefox
  • JIRANODE-2290 - Fixed an infinite loop while processing an outgoing sync
  • JIRANODE-2291 - Fixed wrong connection status showing in the Sync Queue
  • JIRANODE-2280 - Optimized the Exalate installation file size. Now it uses less space on your server
  • JIRANODE-2145 - Added a project avatar on the select list in the Simple project synchronization template. Now it's easier to select the project
  • JIRANODE-2246 - Added Copy to clipboard button on the error details page
  • JIRANODE-2287 - Improved error messages to be more descriptive
  • JIRANODE-2289 - Improved navigation to edit a Connection form the error details page. Now you can click on the connection name directly from the error details page
  • JIRANODE-2276 - Improved the communication between Local connection and the database
  • JIRANODE-2288 - Improved default outgoing sync scripts to sync parent-child issue relations