Released for JIRA SERVER on Apr 05, 2018



Exalate version 4.0.0 marks a major milestone in the development of this product.

This release introduces a major simplification of the configuration of connections, such that setting up new synchronizations can be done in an easy and intuitive way. (Connections are replacing the old instances' and relations)

Additionally, the release introduces

  • precooked templates which simplify the configuration of the synchronization rules - setting up a simple project to project synchronization is a matter of a couple of clicks
  • Better support for configuring local connections

Setting up a connection


Choosing a synchronization template

Upgrade notes

  • When upgrading from pre 4.0.0 to post 4.0.0, exalate will automatically migrate all existing configurations.

Every Relation will be considered as a separate Connection. If you are using subscription-based license, please check the following article for more details.


Fixes in this release

  • JIRANODE-1865 - Connection and Invitations integration

  • JIRANODE-1994 - Security improvements in Connections and Invitations

  • JIRANODE-2078 - Added possibility to expand the scripts space