Released for JIRA SERVER on Nov 28, 2017


In this release, we've added support for JIRA 7.6 and retrieved the possibility to send an invitation from private JIRA to the Public Instance.

Fixes in this release

  • JIRANODE-1822 - Compatibility with JIRA 7.6
  • JIRANODE-1862 - Added getting Priority by Project method on NodeHelper for Jira 7.6
  • JIRANODE-1840 - As an admin I want to be able to send an invitation from my private JIRA 
  • JIRANODE-1835 - Fixed selected proxy user not shown when clicking on Configure button in General Settings
  • JIRANODE-1856 - Fixed ResolutionDate set up on syncing
  • JIRANODE-1871 - Fixed compatibility error when syncing ServiceDesk comments 
  • JIRANODE-1872 - Fixed rendering Payment Model even when it was not expected
  • JIRANODE-1883 - Fixed Instance on the Relation form to be updated
  • JIRANODE-1878 - Fixed extra replica entites created in database