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Released for JIRA SERVER on Nov 10, 2017


In this release we've introduced the ability to configure how frequently does Private poll for changes from Public remote Instance.
Also now an administrator can delete relations and instances, which would also remove all the synchronization information related to them (But will not affect actual issues themselves)
Besides that we've improved error visibility and handling for anonymous comments.

Fixes in this release

  • JIRANODE-1811 - As an admin I would like to configure private's polling frequency
  • JIRANODE-1780 - Set the instance on Active - per default - when creating a new instance
  • JIRANODE-1777 - Comment sync should not break on anonymous comments
  • JIRANODE-1781 - It should be possible to identify the cause of unfinished sync processing
  • JIRANODE-1832 - As an admin I'd like to be able to delete relation and everything connected to it
  • JIRANODE-1833 - As an admin I'd like to be able to delete instance and everything connected to it
  • JIRANODE-1839 - Exalate should not try to process sync even though Exalate is not activated yet
  • JIRANODE-1841 - Error screens should show errors even if there is no local issue yet
  • JIRANODE-1849 - Error screens should show trigger errors
  • JIRANODE-1851 - As an admin I'd like to see error details even if error does not have relation and instance
  • JIRANODE-1853 - As an admin I'd like to be able to configure Private-to-Public communication