You're syncing statuses with Jira Cloud instance and you've got an error that mapping cannot be found. 

Error Details Message
javax.script.ScriptException: com.exalate.api.exception.IssueTrackerException: 
Can not get workflow scheme for project `TEST`. Known projects / workflow schemes: `[:]` Please contact Exalate Support. 
Also failed to get it through REST API: Request: GET /rest/projectconfig/1/workflowscheme/TEST 


If the statuses don't have global transitions Exalate cannot get the status mapping.

Unfortunately Jira Cloud REST API does not allow to get all statuses from a workflow of an issue.  


There is an unofficial REST API provided by JIRA's project-config plugin you can use to get required data.

You need to retrieve the workflow scheme in order to configure additional mapping with the workflow scheme details:

  • map project key to the workflow scheme ID
  • workflow scheme ID to workflow details(all workflow details and configuration settings)
  • workflow name to workflow details(all workflow details and configuration settings) 

Check status synchronization on Jira cloud when transitions are not global for more details.


The error message helps to get the REST request oath by detecting the workflow name and the project key from the previously retrieved workflow scheme.