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Exalate allows syncing any kind of custom field type combination.

This article shows how to synchronize a select list with a comment field.

For example, you have a custom field called Select List (select list Single Choice) and you want to add it's value to the comment field on the Destination side. 

Sending side

Outgoing sync

replica.customFields."Select list custom field name"  = issue.customFields."Select list custom field name"

Receiving side  

Create/Change processors

You can add a new comment including only the select list string value or format the comment with custom formatting. In both cases, use addComment commentHelper method.

Check examples below:

  • Add the source side select list custom field value into a new comment

issue.comments = commentHelper.addComment(replica.customFields."Select list custom field name".value.value, issue.comments)

  • Add the source side select list custom field value as a new comment with custom text.

 issue.comments = commentHelper.addComment(
     "The Select from RED side is: "+ replica.customFields."Select list custom field name".value.value, issue.comments

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