Since 0.13.0 Exalate provides some JQL functions in order to be able to query issues that are under sync.

  • You can retrieve all the issues under sync:

issue in under_sync()

  • Filter synced issues by the Connection:

issue in under_sync_by_connection("Connection name")

  • Filter synced issues by Instance (works for Exalate 3.x and lower versions)

issue in under_sync_with_instance("Instance name")

  • Filter issues in a project which are not yet synchronized:

project = ABC and issue not in under_sync()

  • Find local issue using remote issue key

Create a single line text custom field "External issue key" and sync the remote issue key into the custom field. Then filter local issues using the custom field data, that includes remote issue key.

In order to sync remote issue key into the custom field, you should add the following line to both the Create and Change processors on the Destination side:

issue.customFields."External issue key".value = replica.key

Then you should trigger sync on the Destination side, such that the change processor would execute on the Source side. You can use Bulk Exalate or standard bulk change feature to force update sync for multiple issues.

The JQL query to search the local issue by the remote issue key stored in the custom field is following:

"External issue key" = "EJIRAFICS-37"
//"External issue key" is  the custom field name and "EJIRAFICS-37" is the remote issue key