Released for JIRA SERVER on Aug 23, 2017



 This new version of the JIRA Server Exalate node introduces licensing simplifications. 

In this release we removed any clutter around the method to license the use of the add-on, which can now be purchased through the Atlassian marketplace.

Existing customers can still continue to use the exalate subscription as before. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us (support at exalate dot com)

Bugs resolved in this release

  • JIRANODE-1649 - Sharing attachments from public to private always results on a checksum mismatch
  • JIRANODE-1685 - Edit All Worklogs Permission Error message is for cyberpeople
  • JIRANODE-1687 - NodeHelper.updateEpicLink should check proxy permissions
  • JIRANODE-1722 - Primary key violation when inserting new instance
  • JIRANODE-1735 - Syncrequests are not processed
  • JIRANODE-1758 - Connecting to a node which has a node level error fails
  • JIRANODE-1759 - Inconsistent handling of the general settings
  • JIRANODE-1766 - Relation wizard is still bleeding
  • JIRANODE-1761 - Update gettingstarted slides to match the current layout and settings