Released for JIRA SERVER on May 21, 2017

 In this release we added compatibility with JIRA Cloud's Atlassian licensing. Besides it, we've introduced sync status panel links to the private JIRA's issue (Private to Public connection). Also a feature to disable synchronization for a JIRA (to be able to deploy Exalate on Staging without fear to get synchronization) has been included.

Improvements and Fixes

  • JIRA Server should be able to sync with JIRA Cloud if JIRA Cloud has an Atlassian License
  • As a user, I would like to click a synchronization link, even when it is pointing into a private server
  • Support staging a production environment into test (-Dcom.exalate.sync.disabled=true)
  • Decrease logging for Private's continuous polling
  • Syncing subtasks with exalate trigger should sync the parent Id field