Released for JIRA SERVER on Apr 14, 2017

 In this release we add ability to synchronize worklogs. Also one can now connect to a JIRA Cloud using the JIRA Cloud URL. We've improved synchronization of timetracking fields and stability of the UI.

Improvements and Fixes

  • JIRANODE-785 - Add support for worklog synchronization
  • JIRANODE-1663 - Allow to specify a JIRA Cloud URL as an exalate instance URL
  • JIRANODE-1656 - Sync status panel failing to render for old issues
  • JIRANODE-1672 - High load Connect resulting in stuck sync
  • JIRANODE-1684 - Original estimate sync
  • JIRANODE-1616 - Support setting Epic Link for synchronized epics
  • JIRANODE-1645 - Improve error message for issue creation errors
  • JIRANODE-1664 - Improve the error message for old requests