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The issue object is used to represent the local issue. At the start of a replication, it contains the values of the corresponding local issue. The changes done by the processor will be applied once that the processor exists.

The replica object is used to represent the remote issue, but will contain only the fields which are provided through the data filter.


Field nameCommentHub objectObject type
2keyThe unique key of an issue.issue.keyString
3summaryThe summary of an issueissue.summaryString
4descriptionThe description of an issue.issue.descriptionString
5environmentThe environment field.issue.environmentString
6assigneeThe assignee of an issue.issue.assigneeuser
7reporterThe reporter of an issueissue.reporteruser 
8creatorThe creator of an issueissue.creatoruser
9createdCreate date of an issueissue.createdDate
10updatedUpdate date of an issueissue.updateDate
11statusThe current status of the issue.issue.statusstatus
12resolutionThe issue's resolution record, if the issue has been resolved or closed.issue.resolutionresolution
13typeThe issuetype.issue.typeissuetype
14typeNameThe name of the issuetype.issue.typeNameString
15priorityPriority field.issue.prioritypriority
16affectedVersionsAffects version.issue.affectedVersionsAn array of versions
17fixVersionsFix version.issue.fixVersionsAn array of versions
18dueDue date.issue.dueDate
19resolutionDateDate the issue has been resolved.issue.resolutionDateDate
20originalEstimateOriginal estimate (timetracking field).issue.orginalEstimateduration in seconds
21remainingEstimateRemaining estimate (timetracking field).issue.remainingEstimateduration in seconds
22timeSpentTotal time spent.issue.timeSpentduration in seconds
23projectThe project this issue belongs to.issue.projectproject
24projectKeyThe key of the project this issue belongs to.issue.projectKeyString
25componentsAll conponents of the projects this issue belongs toissue.componentsAn array of components
26workLogsThe different worklogs.issue.workLogsworklog
27labelsThe standard labels.issue.labelsAn array of labels
28linksLinks to related issuesissue.issueLinksAn array of issue links
29votesThe number of votes on this issue.issue.votesLong
30votersThe list of users voted for the issueissue.votersLong
31watchesThe number of users watching the issue.issue.watchesLong
32watchersThe list of people watching the issue.issue.watchersAn array of users
33customFieldsAll the customfields.
See also About customfields.
issue.customFieldsAn array of customfields
34commentsAll the comments associated to the issue.issue.commentsAn array of comments
35addedCommentsThe comments added since the last sync.replica.addedCommentsAn array of comments

The comments changed since the last sync.

A comment is changed is one of its member fields are changed such as:

  • author
  • body
  • create date
  • group (visibility)
  • role (visibility)
  • updateauthor
  • update date

replica.changedCommentsAn array of comments
37removedComments The comments, removed since the last sync.replica.removedCommentsAn array of comments
38componentsAll components.issue.componentsAn array of components
39attachmentsAll the attachments associated to the issue.issue.attachmentsAn array of attachments
40addedAttachmentsThe attachments, added since the last sync.replica.addedAttachmentsAn array of attachments
41removedAttachmentsThe attachments, removed since the last sync.replica.removedAttachmentsAn array of attachments
42entityPropertiesThe entity properties of the issue.issue.entityPropertiesMap of strings to objects.
43customKeysThe object which can be used to carry any type of information.issue.customKeysMap of strings to objects.
44parentIdThe Id of the parent issue( used for parent-child relation)issue.parentIdString
45securityLevelThe issue security level.issue.securityLevelsecurityLevel object

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