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You received a mail notifying that an Exalate for Azure ServiceNow app is ready for configuration.

How to configure your Exalate app for Azure DevOps

Once the Exalate app is installed on your Azure DevOps instance, you can find it under the Organization settings - > Extensions tab.  

Now you can proceed with the app configuration. 

1. Accept EULA

By using this product we require the explicit approval of the end-user license agreement, which can be found here

2. Configure General Settings

You need to connect the Exalate app with your Azure DevOps instance. 


  • The URL of your Azure DevOps instance 
  • Personal Access Token(PAT): how to generate PAT

    Make sure user that the user that creates the PAT is in the group Project Collection Administrators, this can be seen from the Organization Settings permissions page:

    Your Personal Access Token must have the scope authorized to read, write and manage work items 

  • The evaluation license key, which is included in the email

3. Log in to the Exalate app admin console

To access the console you must have the project administrator permissions and have a personal access token.

You must be a Project Administrator and have a Personal access token with authorization for work items(Read, write and manage)

Use the generated  OAuth token to access the admin console.

4. Configure the evaluation license 

You can add the evaluation key, received in the installation email under the License Details tab in your exalate admin menu.

Next Step

Set up the connection with the instance you want to synchronize.