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This article describes how to install an Exalate app on the Azure DEvOps instance.

You can find the Exalate app Azure DevOps marketplace.

To install Exalate for Azure DevOps:

  1. Sign in to your Azure DevOps instance as an admin.
  2. Navigate to the marketplace. You can do so in multiple ways:
    • Navigate to Browse marketplace.
    • Navigate to Organization SettingsExtensionsBrowse marketplace.
  3. Find Exalate for Azure DevOps.
  4. Press Get.
  5. Select the organization in your Azure DevOps.
  6. Press Install.

You are all set!

Exalate is available under Organization SettingsExtensions.

Next Step

Now you can start verifying Exalate for Azure DevOps.

Also, check out our video on how to install Exalate on Azure DevOps

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