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This article describes how to install Exalate for Zendesk from the marketplace.

How to Install Exalate for Zendesk

1. Log in to your Zendesk account.

2. Navigate to Marketplace in the APPS section.

3. Find Exalate in the Marketplace.

4. Click Install to begin the installation.

5. Select an account you want to install the app with (applicable only if you have multiple Zendesk accounts) and click Install.

6. Configure the app before installation.

Before installing the app, you will be able to update the name of the app and set which roles and groups will be able to access it.

 Field descriptions
Your custom name of the app. Required field. The default value for the field is Exalate
Enable role restrictions?
If checked, you can set which roles can access the app.
Enable group restrictions?
If checked, you can choose which user groups can access the app.

7. Click Install.

8. Select Exalate in the side panel.

9. Click Allow to confirm that Exalate can have access to read and write your data.

10. Input your credentials in the Registration screen.

Exalate uses this info to:

  • Verify your instance.
  • Activate an evaluation license.
  • Create an admin account to receive error notifications.

11. Select Agree and submit.

After selecting Agree and submit you will get an email to complete our security check.

After clicking Agree and submit you will accept our End User License Agreement (EULA). You can read it here:

12. Open your email and select Verify Exalate instance.

You will be redirected back to your Exalate console.

14. Select Continue.

If it wasn't possible to complete email verification, check out this article for more information:

Solving issues with email verification

Congratulations! The app is installed. Now you can set up a connection to start syncing your tickets.

Next step

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