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Exalate for GitHub is available on the marketplace.

To sync entities in Exalate, you need to install Exalate on both work management systems.

You can install Exalate for organizations or user accounts and grant access to repositories. The app is hosted on our server.

To install Exalate, you need to be an organization owner or have admin permissions in a repository.

To install Exalate for GitHub:

1. Click Exalate Issue Sync on the Marketplace.

2. Click Set up a plan.

3. Click Install it for free.

4. Click Complete order and begin installation.

5. Click Install.

By default, Exalate is installed to the account that is currently logged in.

To select a different account or organization:

  1. Click Cancel.
  2. Select the necessary account or organization.

After clicking Install, you will be redirected to the Exalate admin console. We recommend saving the link to easily access Exalate in the future.

You can always recover your Exalate app link here:

You can change the repository access later in your GitHub account under Installed apps → Exalate → Repository access.

6. Input your contact details in the Registration screen.

Exalate will send you a verification email. With this info Exalate will:

  • Verify your instance.
  • Activate an evaluation license.
  • Make an admin account to receive error notifications.

7. Click Agree and submit.

After clicking Agree and submit, you will get an email to complete a security check.

After clicking Agree and submit, you will accept our End User License Agreement (EULA). You can read it here:

8. Open your email and click Verify Exalate instance.

You will be redirected back to the Exalate console.

9. Click Continue.

If it isn't possible to complete email verification, check out this article for more information:

Solving issues with email verification

10. Enter your personal access token in the Token field.

Check out how to generate a personal access token in this aticle:
GitHub: How to generate an access token.

11. Click Log in.

Now, you can sync your tickets and pull requests with an Evaluation license. If you want to upgrade your license, check out this article:

How to get an Exalate instance license

For more information about the network license, contact us:

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