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When you initiate a connection, you specify which instances will synchronize issues between one another.

Before you initiate a connection in visual mode, please make sure:

  • your connection is public.
  • you have admin access to the remote instance.

To initiate a connection:

1. Navigate to the Connections tab in Exalate.

2. Click Initiate connection.

3. Choose the type of the destination instance.

Exalate will synchronize with the destination instance depending on the instance type that you choose.

Visual mode is not available for connections to private instances.

Visual mode supports these types of destination instances:

The destination instance is in a public network and you can access it from your side.
The destination is the same instance. Use the local connection to synchronize local projects.

4. Click Next.

Select the following tabs according to the instance type you chose before.

5. Enter Connection information.

In the Connection information fields, you enter info about the instances.

The fields Local instance short name, Destination instance short name, Name, and Description will appear after you enter the value in the Destination instance URL.

Note that Exalate should be installed on the destination instance as well.

Descriptions of fields:

Destination instance URL
Link to the other instance you want to set up connection with. You can enter the link to the instance you are trying to connect, or the Exalate URL from General Settings.
Local instance short name
Short name of your instance.
Destination instance short name
Name of the destination instance.
Name of the connection.
Description of the connection.

6. Click Next.

7.  Select Visual mode.

You can use visual mode only if you have administrator access to the other instance.

If you select Script mode, visual mode will not be available. You will be able to configure the connection only with scripts in Sync Rules.

In case you don't have admin access to the other side, you can continue to configure on your end and then send an invitation to your partner.

8. Click Verify admin access to confirm that you have admin rights.

9. Click Accept to finish the verification process.

You will be redirected to the remote instance to finish the verification process. You will be notified about the permissions, the destination instance user will have.

The destination instance user will have different permissions based on the work management system you are using.

10. Click Next.

Congratulations! The connection is set up. Now you can proceed to the configuration.

5.  Enter Connection information.

6. Click Next.

7. Select Visual mode.

8. Click Next.

You did it! The connection is set up. Now you can configure the synchronization.

What's next? 

Configure synchronization behavior:

  1. Configure Sync Scope in Visual Mode 
  2. Add Field Mapping 

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