The add-on has a built-in synchronization error recovery mechanism which allows you to fix problems and resume the synchronization where it failed.

Below you can see some basic troubleshooting steps you should perform in order to find a cause of the error.

Is the configuration of connection active?

Access the connection list and check if the connection is active

(Admin > Add-ons > Exalate section > Connections)

On the list below you can see the connection cloud-red is active. 

Connection statuses

Pending - Connection is set-up on your side. Once your partner accepts the invitation the status will be changed to Active.

Active - Connection is active; you can start issue synchronization.

Deactivated - Connection is not active, issue synchronization will not be performed if the Connection is in this status.


Are there any errors?

Access the errors list

(Admin > Add-ons > Exalate section > Errors)

Click 'Details' to access the stack trace behind the error, or 'Resolve and Retry' when the error has been resolved.  Synchronization will resume from where it was paused.

Does the remote side receive sync messages?

Check Sync Queue in Exalate Admin menu

       Sync events sucked in the In progress/Waiting for response status, but there're no errors under Errors tab in the Exalate admin menu.

Contact remote side's administrator 

Contact remote side's administrator and make sure their sync queue contains sync messages from your side.

Access Connection details and Test Connection 

        In case the connection test results in an error, please check the following link.

This issue is related to the network proxy settings.

Please check network proxy setting on both sides.

What to do in case of ...

This is a small subset of issues that can occur when synchronizing data between two issue trackers

Connection timeout

The remote instance cannot be reached
Check the instance URL - is it ok 

SSL Handshake Exception

When accessing a remote instance using https, the remote certificate needs to be known locally 
Check the faq SSLHandshakeException 

Instance status is INITIAL

The remote instance is not yet configured, or there is a communication issue with the remote instance
Access the instance configuration (in the instance list) and test the connection.  It either succeeds (click save) or additional troubleshooting information is provided 


Can't locate the problem

Help is a click away - check out our Support options

Check troubleshooting for more details.